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Frequently Asked Defroster Repair Questions
Answers to the most common defroster repair questions

Our staff tracks the most frequently asked questions and answers them here... Most defroster or product questions can be answered here.

Defroster tab repair bonding to defrosterFrost Fighter Defroster Tab Repair  
Frequently asked questions and answers on repairing separated defroster tabs, re-attaching tabs, conductive bonding. 

Top Questions

- My vehicles defroster does not work, now what?
- What makes the Frost Fighter Tab kit conductive?
- I used a Permatex kit and my defroster still does not work?
- Tab damaged the defroster when it came off?
- Tab bonded with epoxy, super glue, competing product


Defroster Grid Damage, frequently asked questionsFrost Fighter Defroster Grid Repair
Frequently asked questions and answers on repairing scratched grids, repairing heating elements.

Top Questions

- Do the grid repairs match the color of the defroster?
- Why isn't the repair conductor conductive immediately?
- How long a gap on the defroster grid can be repaired?
- How long does it take to complete a repair?
- I removed a sticker and my defroster stopped working in places.


Clear View defroster elementsClear View New or Replacement Defrosters
Find answers to frequently asked questions regarding Clear View defroster kits including how to install new or replace existing defrosters, problems with tint, minimum and maximum sizes and much more.

Top Questions

- How do Clear View defrosters work?
- What size Clear View defroster fits my vehicle?
- My car does not have a defroster, what now?
- Can I replace a damaged defroster with a Clear View defroster?
- How do Clear View defrosters fit the window?


General Defroster Troubleshooting and Fix It Questions
Your one stop guide to fix your defroster including how to troubleshoot and repair defrosters.

More defroster repair resources

Doctor DefrosterDoctor Defroster How-To Video Series
The good doctor has put together several helpful videos showing how to test and repair rear window defrosters.

Frost Fighter Technical Bulletins
More in-depth answers to defroster questions including custom grid spacing, tab removal from windows, Toyota Solara defroster replacement and more.

Ask Doctor Defroster
Our very own Doctor Defroster answers defroster questions on his blog, Ask Doctor Defroster. Contact the Doc and see his answers to most defroster questions.

Frost Fighter Defroster Repair Resources
Defroster Fix It Troubleshooting Guide
Frequently Asked Questions Frost Fighter Defroster Product Catalog
Frost Fighter Technical Bulletins Frost Fighter Defroster Tab Bonding
Ask Doctor Defroster Frost Fighter Defroster Grid Repair
Clear View Defroster Guide ThermaSync Defroster Controls
Doctor Defroster Videos Pro and Master Defroster Kits

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