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Customer Defroster Repair Comments

Frost Fighter Rear Window Defroster Repair Kit I wanted to say thanks. Your grid repair product is amazing!
You can never be sure when you find DIY products like this online that they will be as good as advertised. However this time I was very impressed. My rear heater grid was damaged when my father pulled a dealership sticker off the inside of my rear window, taking 5 inches of paint off 2 rows. I had only owned the car for 2 hours! I was very annoyed, and thought the only solution was a new rear window at great expense. Searching online revealed a few recommendations for this product so I thought it was worth a try. The repair is invisible, and all of the rows on my rear window now work as they should! I can't believe nobody sells this product in the UK! The only similar products available here are silver in colour so never look rite. The delivery was reasonably priced considering it was sent to the other side of the world! Great tracking service, and well packaged.

I just wanted to offer a quick thanks.  Based on my experience with other defroster repair products, I was pretty skeptical of the product Frost Fighter had to offer.  But, after unsuccessfully trying various products from my local auto parts store, I thought it was worth one last effort.  My expectations were low.  However, I was proven wrong.  I can't say enough about how impressed I was with your product.  It worked exactly as desired.  The instructions were clear and easy to follow.  The extra sandpaper and Q-tips provided were a nice touch also.  Plus, I have enough product to repair additional defrosters.  I work with a fleet of 75 vehicles and in the past, we've replaced rear windows on occasion after failed defroster repairs.  I'm confident that with Frost Fighter, we likely won't have that expense anymore.  Thanks again.

Frost Fighter Rear Window Defroster Conductive Tab Adhesive I just used your Tab Bonding Kit on my 2000 Toyota Sienna rear window defogger.  The instructions are clear and the process was straight-forward.  The internet has lots of how-to’s along with plenty of complaints about the copper-based solutions available at the automotive stores, so I decided to skip over that misstep and go straight to the silver-based Frost Fighter kit.  Because I initially tried and failed to solder the joint, I also cleaned the area with acetone to make sure there were no bonding problems.  I just finished the job and my ohm meter tells me that I’m getting full conductivity through the joint, so I call that success.  When the epoxy fully cures, I’ll reattach the door liner and eagerly count the days until winter!

"Just wanted to send a big THANK YOU for the easy to use rear window defroster tab repair kit!
We were very skeptical at first, after reading the instructions online, and looking at the location of the tab on my husbands 2004 Mercury Sable. Despite our misgivings, we went ahead and ordered the 2200 Combination kit in case there were any problems with the grid as well. Following the instructions in the kit, he was able to reattach the tab & parked the car where the summer sun would heat the repair area for the prescribed time and hoped for the best... Colder weather is now here, and the rear defroster works beautifully! The rear window completely clears of frost, even heavy frost, in just a couple of minutes. He is a very happy customer. Thanks for a great, easy to use product!"

"When my rear window defroster stopped working I went to the Chevrolet dealership and they wanted to replace my entire back windshield.  The metal tab on one side had become disconnected. I tried to solder the tab back in place, but the tight quarters and awkward position I had to assume were not conducive to obtaining a solid solder.  I tried two other products and both failed.  I bought your product and I can attest that it works.   Frost Fighter products came with excellent directions, was easy to use and worked as described.  My rear window defroster is now working again thanks to your products."

Defroster tab seperated from defroster"I want to thank you for your rear window defroster solution. It saved me about $450 for the cost of a new window and it’s hard to tell that a repair was even done on the window. The auto glass people just wanted to sell me a new window and stressed there were no good repair kits out there but your kit really works and is  a great money saving alternative. Jon was also a real help also."

"Just had to let you know that I had followed your instructions, and 2 years later, my rear defogger is STILL working! After having spent $$ at an auto glass shop twice to have the tab soldered back on only to fall off yet again, my own repair following your instructions with your kit seems to have made a permanent repair - surviving 2 Buffalo NY winters, and that is saying something. Your kit really lives up to the claims. I even told my regular mechanic about it since he felt the only solution was to buy a new rear window since the solder job wasn't holding. Can't find enough words to say how great your product is. I tell everyone about your company when they are having similar issues."

I just wanted to let you know how pleased I was with the Frost fighter Tab Bonding kit. The Rear window Defroster Tab was detached from the rear screen on my JK Wrangler Unlimited when i bought it. I searched the UK web sites for a product to repair it but, for some unknown reason a product like yours was not available, so I ordered the Frost Fighter Tab repair kit and followed the instructions implicitly. I was really amazed with the repair, (i must admit I had some doubts about how effective it would be) the bond is really strong and neat and the Defroster works a perfectly! The only downside was i had to wait 4 weeks for it to arrive but it was during the Christmas period. Thank you once again, your product really does work!

Defroster tab repair kit uses silver conductive glue"After numerous unsuccessful attempts to repair a broken tab on my '98 Toyota Sienna rear window defogger with a "reputable" named product, I was left with a blob of supposedly conductive epoxy and an unfunctional rear window defogger. I tried a few local window repair shop only to be told they would try top solder it back on, but to be prepared to pay for a new rear window...NOT. After searching, I found your product. Needless to say, after using the other guy's product, I was somewhat perplexed. What the heck did I have to loose. Well.....Followed the instructions and the darn thing works like a charm (You should stress even more the Heat activation, or maybe it's just me...:-) ). Anyways, your product is the best thing since sliced bread and worth every penny! Thank you and I'll spread the good word (or start a business and do those jobs the professional window installers can't..or won't)"

" I tried all the over-the-counter repair products to reattach the Tab on my rear window defroster and nothing worked. Either the tab had no conductivity or it would get hot, smoke and fall off.  So then I ordered your 2000 Tab Bonding Repair Kit.  I followed the instructions to the letter and now my rear window defroster works great!!!! I used my heat gun to heat-treat the conductive epoxy as the instructions states.  So not to over heat or under heat the adhesive and glass, I duct taped a small meat thermometer near the repair area and applied heat for 20-30 minutes.  Worked Great!!! Thanks for a great product."

Preparing the defroster for repairing tab"I recently ordered a tab and tab repair kit. I didn't repair my rear defroster however ,I repaired the main hot lead on my Park Ave HEATED WINDSHIELD ! The original soldered wire broke off and I was told that a repair was impossible and the windshield would have to be replaced ( $2800) if I could even locate one. I used your repair kit solder -epoxy and after heating it for 45 min I connected the main hot lead to your copper tad held my breath, ,started the car , pressed the heated windshield button and the unit started working . This windshield has not worked in four years , I am so pleased that I found your web site. THANK YOU FROST FIGHTER !!!!"

"I just wanted to tell you your product works great. I repaired my rear window yesterday January 25th and turned on my rear window defroster today and Walla it works again. Just like it did before. That made my day believe you me. I am very happy and excited on how well your product works. I would like to thank you very much and I appreciate all that you have done for me. My only regret is I did not come to you first. I have recommended you product to a local garage and the owner is very excited and interested in your product. So much so I would be surprise if did not contact your company real soon. As he has had customers he had to turn away because he could not repair their windows. I can not say enough about your repair kit. I promise I will spread the good word." 

Silver conductive glue for defroster tab repair"I wanted to let you guys know how awesome your product is.
Last winter, I noticed that my rear window on my 2005 Ford Mustang was not defrosting when I would turn it on (unacceptable, as I live in a Chicago suburb). When I turned around from the driver's seat to take a look at the window I noticed that the defroster tab had completely separated from the rear window and was just hanging there. When this occurred, I had tried an adhesive to keep the tab attached to the window. This seemed to work well, until the a few days later. I noticed now that the tab was still attached to the rear window, but the adhesive must have cured or expanded, resulting in no contact with the rear window.

After searching for hours on the internet, and coming across your website numerous times, I was to skeptical to try it. Because of this, I found a small packet of "conductive adhesive" at a local auto parts store after searching and calling numerous numbers from the phone book. After following the directions carefully, I ripped the tab back off the window (ouch), and re-attached it with the adhesive after careful preparation. The connection looked perfect, but didnt perform nearly as good as it looked. From the moment it was reattached, it didn't work at all.

Conductive silver gule bonds defroster tabsFinally, one of my friends offered to re-solder the tab back on to the window. After ripping the tab stuck on with adhesives for the second time, the tab was re-attached and worked beautifully. Once summer rolled around, a hot day caused some of the solder to melt and the tab was once again detached from my window. Finally, I began searching for new windows. $900 was hard to swallow, but having no luck with adhesives in the past, I was definitely reluctant to try your product. One day, however, I broke down and ordered a new Uni-Clip and the Frostfighter 2000 two-part conductive epoxy. The window around where the tab was originally attached had gone through so much, there was barely any paint left on the back window (and no hope from me). I prepared the area and the new clip, and it made a good connection. I let it cure as directed; made sure it stayed very warm to cure, and waited to re-attach the wire to the clip.

The next day, I attached the wire to the clip, and tested the defroster. Wouldn't you know it, it worked! The epoxy was not messy, it looks like it was brand new! Your product works amazingly, I wish I hadn't hesitated in going with it the first time I fell upon your website. This product saved me over $850, and I wanted to offer my personal thanks because of this great product. The rear tab detaching from the window can happen to anyone, for no reason at all (as I have experienced it), regardless of the age of the vehicle, and your product can save people substantial amounts of money."

"I recently bought a used 1998 Lincoln Continental. The rear tab was missing from the rear window which I missed when I purchase the vehicle! I tried every window repair establishment in the yellow pages and everyone is closed up because of the economy!  I found 2 out of 20 window repair establishments and both of them did not repair rear windows tabs.  Instead they wanted $700 to $800 dollars to replace the rear window in order to fix this problem. I called Ford, they had no way to repair this;  nor did they know anyone who could.  My neighbor who worked for a Chevrolet dealership said that when he was there that they had no luck in repairing the tabs to the window! 

Reconnecting the tab to the defrosterI researched the internet on how to repair the tab and found sites that it said it would soldered with a soldering gun.  So I made a tab out of metal and tried to solder it with 2 different type of soldering wire and paste and it failed miserably.  Also tried different glues with no luck.  Back to the internet!  I found your web site and I was skeptical about your tab bonding kit!  I even hesitated for a week before purchasing it with the tabs. 

Finally I said to myself well it's $30 dollars to buy and try your product or spend 7 to 8 hundred dollars for a new rear window or just use a can of window defrost!  What did I really have to loose at this point!  So I bought your tab bonding kit with the tabs and it did adhere to the window as advertised.  After it hardened, I checked the window grid for power and it worked like a charm.  I was still needing proof!  I left the car outside overnight;  the next morning the window was covered in frost.  I turned on the rear defroster and it worked as advertised.  Your product is great! I didn't see any other web site that offered this tab bonding kit!  I'm shocked that Automotive Dealers and Window repair shops don't know about this truly amazing product that you have!   Thank-you for saving me all this money!"

"I just wanted to say I ordered the 2000 tab kit and it worked perfectly. Only now in the colder season did I notice that my rear defrost was not functional on my convertible mustang. It must have broken off during the summer when the top went up and down. After taking it to a service shop for a oil change, I informed the mechanic on the issue. He told me I'd have to take it into a auto glass repair shop to either solder it back on or replace the entire window. Then I called Ford and the body shop said they'd have to take a look at, but they would use a product that costs 60$ not including labor. I went to Napa and Auto Zone they did not stock any product that would suffice. Then I did an Google search and found your product. It worked great and was easy to use. Now I can finally see out my back window again. Thanks for supplying this wonderful product!"

"I just want to write and say thank you for such a fine product as the Frost Fighter Tab repair kit.  I used it on my defroster tab last week and it worked to perfection.  I had tried the "other brand" twice and could not get the tab to stick.  I had my car at my mechanic stop and had ask him if he repairs these tabs.  He said NO because he could not get the tabs to stick.  When I found your product on line and ordered it.  I used it as per the instructions and it was great.  I took my car back to my mechanic and showed him and you have made a believer out of him.  He took your information from the kit and now I think he will be offering the service to his customers.  Thanks again, you have saved me quite a bit of money.  I will recommend your product to everyone."

Frost Fighter Defroster Grid Repair"I took your most recent suggestion and masked off the entire 1" X 3" area where the tab mounts, and applied more silver adhesive (2000 tab kit) to that larger area. The result is, not only does it work, but there is no longer that high heat problem! Hallelujah! Problem finally solved, no thanks to Permatex, but to Frostfighter! Thanks for all your assistance." 

"I want to thank you for a product that really works. I received my frost fighter tab kit and I cannot tell you how GREAT the results are. I've tried cheapies (They don't work). Your repair kits are impressive. I have tried numerous times to get the tabs to stay in beating hot sunlight, and yours don't fall off. I am impressed. Keep up the good work and I will tell anyone interested in a quality product to see" 

"I just thought I would let you know. I used your Tab repair kit and it worked to perfection. It saved me $1,500 dollars for a new window. I will recommend your product to anyone who has this problem."  "I received my Tab Repair Kit last night. No problem with the installation. It was fairly cold last night so I used a hair dryer to cure the adhesive. When I went out to the car this morning, I attached the wire to the tab and the defroster worked without problems. Thanks for making such a good product!" 

"Great product. Used the tab repair kit to repair (about 20 minutes) a number of loose spots on the side strips for the rear defroster grid on my 93 Taurus wagon. The defroster works like new. The local Ford dealer said there was no repair available for the rear window defroster and wanted to replace the rear glass (nothing wrong with it) so I would have a functioning rear defroster. Saved several hundred dollars. My daughter can now see out the rear window in a matter of minutes in the cold winters in the Chicago area." 

"Just want to take a minute to thank you for your honesty and a really easy to apply good product...... I got the grid repair and tab repair too. It was really easy and took just a few minutes plus drying time to bring back a 1989 Toyota Camry's rear window back to a 85% repair first time....... It's great. Worked good. I would be interested in rear defroster repair part time if you need to someone to apply your product in the western Carolina area contact me via e-mail thank you once again for a good product." 

"I would just like to Thank You for your product. I ordered the tab repair kit. It worked like a charm. Your product saved me over $400.00. If not for this repair kit I would have had to put a new window in. Thank You and Happy Holidays to you and yours."

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Customer Satisfaction Poll...
In the latest Frost Fighter Customer Satisfaction Poll we were pleased to see that Frost Fighter customers are having good repair experiences using their defroster repair kits. 

Q: Would you buy another Frost Fighter Kit?  A: Yes 100%

Q: Would you recommend a Frost Fighter Kit to a friend? A: Yes 100%

Q: Did you successfully repair the damaged defroster?  A: Yes 95%

Car defroster foils plans of alleged thieves
From Hampton Union News
By Michelle Firmbach

NORTH HAMPTON - A police officer thwarted two alleged thieves by observing a small clue on a cold, wintry night. Officer Gary Homiak responded to the area of a reported residential burglary in progress Monday, Dec. 30, at 3:30 a.m. On his way to the scene of the crime, he noticed a vehicle driving through the neighborhood with no frost on the windows. "He thought to himself, "That car doesn’t have any frost on it," said North Hampton Detective Josh Skokel. "‘Any car that is just starting at this hour of the morning would have frost.’" Homiak pulled the vehicle over and just happened to see through the hatchback window two laptop computers, a compact disc player, a purse and a guitar - the same items reported stolen moments ago, Skokel said.