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Fast and easy defroster control installation

Included with complete Clear View Defrosters

Defroster Wire Harness and InstallationNEW! ThermaSync defroster wire harness and installation pack makes it easy to install ThermaSync defroster controls.

Ideal for vehicles with existing defrosters but no defroster control circuitry. 

The wire harness includes color coded connectors sized to fit ThermaSync defroster controls - and the defroster.

More information below on the ThermaSync Installation Pack including ordering links.

This pack is INCLUDED with complete Clear View Defrosters. Do not order this kit in addition to ordering a Clear View II complete defroster. Installation Pack NOT INCLUDED with Clear View STICK kits or ThermaSync defroster controls

Installation Pack information and instructions (PDF 690kb)

Easy ThermaSync defroster control installation

The 2728 installation pack makes installation of ThermaSync defroster controls easy.

2728 ThermaSync Installation Pack - $28.95
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The high quality stranded wire is sized to meet demanding defroster amperage requirements. Color coded and labeled connectors fit ThermaSync power, ground and defroster terminals.

An under dash mount provides an alternative to in dash mounting of the ThermaSync defroster switch. 

Defroster fuse holderThe 20 amp fuse is sized for defroster circuit protection and included a wire tap fuse holder for easy installation.

A T-tap can be used to connect power or ground and fits the proper connector on the wire harness. 

Spare defroster connector makes it easy to shorten the wire harness as needed for a custom fit.

The wire ties, extra connectors and mounting and grounding screws round out the 2728 Defroster Installation Pack.

Full instructions including the wiring diagram are included with each defroster installation pack.

This kit is INCLUDED with full Clear View Defrosters. Do not order this kit when ordering a Clear View II complete defroster.

2728 ThermaSync Installation Pack - $28.95
Add to Cart  |  Catalog  |  View Cart Need a defroster control?

Defroster wire harness, color coded
Defroster switch and under dash mount
Defroster fuse and fuse mount
Power tap for defroster wire harness
Connectror for defroster tabs